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Established in 1993 as a youth service organization, the Washington Chiefs provides support and services to children in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our programs are designed to support disadvantaged youth and their families.

The Washington Chiefs Inc. (WCI) services include mentorship, job placement and support, social activities, and vocational training. The WCI also offers information and referral services, and works to educate the community about the need for mentorship to disadvantage children via programs such as No Thugs No Drugs, and Early Youth Offenders. It is widely recognized for its work with children in the area to improve public policy and keep children issues in the hearts and minds of decision-makers, donors and volunteers. WCI has been awarded such accolades as: Washington Urban League Volunteer of the Year, Dollars & Cents Magazine’s Best and brightest, and neumorus other awards throughout the metro DC area.

Our Mission
To develop youths’ spirit, mind, and body by enhancing their intellectual, academic and physical talents through a broad spectrum of life skills that will help these future adults effectively deal with problems in a positive manner. PUT KIDS 1ST.

Our Services
The Chiefs organization works to:

  • Elevate academic excellence among at-risk youth,
  • Extend outreach efforts to disenfranchised youth in low-economic communities,
  • Nourish and develop self-discipline and self-reliance, and
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles in disadvantaged yet talented youth of all ages.